Le ranch u niolu a cavallu - horse in трактор


The ranch u niolu a cavallu is located in the middle Valduniellu forest, bordered by the longest river of the Corsican Golo, in the valley of Niolu, 
 surrounded by the highest summits of the island (Monte Cintu 2710m) and the most beautiful mountain lakes (Lake ninu), the valley is traversed by many footpaths and hiking Transhumance 
 (GR20, mare a mare) and in the center of the artificial lake Calacuccia, the largest of corse.

The ranch is at the heart of a pine forest or Lariccio is king, Napoleon had to look in the forest to the masts of the French fleet as their height and their righteousness is impressive. You will be struck by the beauty of the streams that provide beautiful natural pools to the delight of young and old. Wild beauty where you can see whole flocks of sheep.

Although qu'entourée mountain ranch is only 1 hour drive of beaches and coves of 1h30 of Piana and reserve scandola World Heritage of UNESCO

Except the cavalry horses of 15 leisure goods in their heads and adapted to walking, living at the ranch:cactustm

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